Art Studio

Our Studio

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We have created our studio as a haven to develop our skills and to encourage creativity. Under one roof we house our painting studio, digital studio (where we design commissions etc), packaging department, customer services department, and a gallery of our work.

Our Artists

We can confidently say that we have the skills to paint anything! Painting in our studio we have artists who specialize in reproducing masterpieces, portrait artists, graphic artists, and international selling artists. Our artists range in skills and experience which has proven to keep our creative atmosphere together. We have artists that were born in Europe and Asia, that have fine art degrees, and that have varying lengths of experience. We are a strong team and we work together to ensure that every painting that is approved for dispatch is of the highest level achievable.

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Our Designers

We have many requests for commissions and paintings from photographs. Whether it is a custom abstract art, pop art, street art, fine art, Warhol or Lichtenstein we have the skill set to design the artwork you have dreamed of. Our graphic designers are able to sketch or digitally create works of art in our Mac design studio so you can see the resulting works of art before the artist begins painting. Been able to show our customers what the art will look like before we even paint it has ensured that we always our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


paint brusheswinsor and newtonpaints

Every work of art is hand painted using the finest materials. This ensures our artwork lasts for generations in its initial beauty. We use British Winsor and Newton Oil Paints. Winsor and Newton has always been core to the world of art materials. They proudly maintain a pledge of manufacturing "The World's Finest Artist' Materials". We use high quality canvas at different weights depending on the type of painting.

The Painting Process

All our paintings are created the old fashioned way by hand without the use of any printing methods. Paintings are first sketched out by hand before we begin the painting process. We utilize an infinite of painting techniques including using cold wax, resins, varnishes, palette knifes, rags, scraping. Paintings can take a few days up to a few months to complete depending on their complexity, size, skills, and techniques required.

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