Pop Art

Pop art is a movement in modern art. It is developed in the mid 50s and early 60s in Britain and United States. It is a form of art that depicts the objects or scenes from the daily life. In pop art the main themes of the art is based on popular culture and mass media. The artist advertises images into their work. Advertising, Hollywood, Newspapers and current events all serve as rich fodder for the Pop artist. Pop art means popular culture. It is kind of a part of abstract and definitely different from other arts. Andy Warhol started this art. He was basically the master of Pop Art because of his use of silk screening and portraits of famous people. Pop art contains things of everyday life like Shops, people, buildings, pets etc are the part of the pop art.

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg were the chief artists of US pop art. Both used novel imagery. Other famous pop artists are Roy Lichtenstein, Allen Jones. Roy Lichtenstein was the master of comic-style pop art. He is perfect in using actual tiny dots in his paintings. Allen Jones is famous for the beautifully sculptured furniture. One of the example of his work: he made a table in which a glass of the table is resting on the back of the woman. He was working in 1990s but his work was very much similar to the work in the 1960s. Similarly Wayne Thibaud painted various baked items like cakes etc. He used icing in such a manner that it looks realistic. Many naked and faceless people were animated by Keith Haring.

It is not an easy task as it appears to be. Editing an image into a pop art goes through various steps. Lots and lots of efforts and patience are required to do so. One can have fun as well as earn money in the profession of the pop art. Pop art develops imagination, creative ability, sense of time and place, uniqueness and many more. Universal language without words occurs. Basic truths of the nature and human being reveals through pop art.

There are so many pop art studios which can turn you, your family and your friends images into pop art. You can turn your photo into pop art with the help of the computer, All you have to do is simply import your image file. Firstly select your best photo. Scan your photo. In Photoshop duplicate the background layer. Rename the new layer. Make this new layer white and drag it below the first layer and rename it. Remove all the unwanted parts of the photograph. Use brightness and contrast wherever necessary. In the end do not forget to save the image.

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