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Contemporary Wall Art

With our Black & White Abstract Wall Art can make you focus as a whole timeless, elegant yet also bold and brave that every large living space needs!

Minimalist Collection is now here!

Both the original and prints are available.
Color Study Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky Reproduction for Sale - Blue Surf Art
Circles in a Circle
Wassily Kandinsky
from $239.99 Regular price $289.99 Save 17%
On White II by Wassily Kandinsky Wall Art, Home Decor, Reproduction
On White II
Wassily Kandinsky
from $239.00
Green composition by Wassily Kandinsky Wall Art, Home Decor, Reproduction
Green composition
Wassily Kandinsky
from $239.00
Red Balloon by Paul Klee Reproduction Wall Art Painting
Red Balloon
Paul Klee
from $289.00
Senecio by Paul Klee - Reproduction Painting by Blue Surf Art
Paul Klee
from $239.00
Suprematist Composition by Kazimir Malevich Reproduction Painting
Suprematist Composition
Kazimir Malevich
from $239.00
Twittering Machine (original title: Die Zwitscher-Maschine) by Paul Klee
Twittering Machine
Paul Klee
from $239.00
Struck from the List by Paul Klee
Struck from the List
Paul Klee
from $239.00
Highway and Byways by Paul Klee
Highway and Byways
Paul Klee
from $239.00
Abstract Wall Art, Asian Inspires Canvas Art Painting
Abstract Wall Art, Asian Inspires
Blue Surf Art
from $546.00
Most Famous Painting At All Time
Shop now the Las Meninas painting painted by our high skills artist.
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New Minimalist Collection
Brighten up your blank space with our new Minimalist collection. Available both as prints and originals.
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Botanical Wall Art
Shop all botanical, plants, flowers as both prints and hand painted oil painting
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Chanel Perfume Canvas Art Oil Painting
Blue Surf Art
from $268.33
Blue Surf Art
from $149.00
Mao Tse Tung Warhol oil painting on canvas by Blue Surf Art
Mao Tse Tung Warhol
Blue Surf Art
from $119.00
Jacky Warhol
Blue Surf Art
from $119.00
Chanel Perfume Warhol Canvas Art Oil Painting
Blue Surf Art
from $489.00

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