Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese

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    Paolo Caliari (1528 – 19 April 1588), known as Paolo Veronese (/ˌvɛrəˈnz, -zi/ VERR-ə-NAY-zay, -⁠zee, also US: /-si/ -⁠see, Italian: [ˈpaːolo veroˈneːse, -eːze]), was an Italian Renaissance painter based in Venice, known for extremely large history paintings of religion and mythology, such as The Wedding at Cana (1563) and The Feast in the House of Levi (1573). Included with Titian, a generation older, and Tintoretto, a decade senior, Veronese is one of the "great trio that dominated Venetian painting of the cinquecento" and the Late Renaissance in the 16th century.Known as a supreme colorist, and after an early period with Mannerism, Paolo Veronese developed a naturalist style of painting, influenced by Titian.

    Paolo Cagliari

    • Born: 1528; Verona, Italy  Places are defined in terms of modern geography.
    • Died: April 19, 1588; Venice, Italy  Places are defined in terms of modern geography.
    • Nationality: Italian
    • Art Movement: Mannerism (Late Renaissance)
    • Painting School: Venetian School
    • Field: painting
    • Influenced on: Maarten de Vos, Eugene Delacroix, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Anthony van Dyck, François Lemoyne
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    The Wedding Feast at Cana  by Paolo Veronese
    The Wedding Feast at Cana
    Paolo Veronese
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