Canvas Painting

The word ‘Canvas’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Cannabis’ which means a tall plant of tough fibers. The texture of the canvas fabric is same as of flex and hemp used in tents and sails.

Of all the paintings like pastel painting, oil painting, and acrylic paintings canvas painting is the best. We can paint on a piece of paper, on a piece of silk fabric but painting on canvas is superb. It lasts long due to its durable characteristics. It is not very expensive and it is easier to transport. You can save time if you use acrylic paint. It dries quickly and there is a possibility that you can frame a painting on the same day. There are so many great painters of canvas painting. All of them have different skills but they all are similar in thoughts and creativity. They all speak of in the language of the art. The name of Leonardo Da Vinci was one of them. He is famous for his masterpiece of Mona Lisa. It was painted in 16th century. In the painting Mona Lisa appears to smile first but later the smile fades away. This is the reason that it becomes the masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Earlier the canvas was made of linen but now the canvasses are usually of cotton. The cotton canvas is lighter than any other denim. It is best for the oil painting. Two types of cotton canvasses are there:

  1. Plain
  2. And duck. (The duck canvas is tightly woven as compared to plain canvas.)

If you are planning to decorate the drawing room of your house than what are you waiting for? Just go to any shop of paintings and buy a beautiful painting for your house. You have other option also you can paint on canvas by yourself and have fun while painting. The procedure is the same as in the other paintings. Various painting tools like wooden frame, paintbrushes, staplers, stretchers, and colors are required to paint. Ready to use canvasses are easily available in the market. They are available in different sizes containing different texture and weight. Take care of the various points while painting on the canvas.

Firstly the canvas must be coated otherwise the fabric may decay. The perfect coating will protect the oil paint from the direct contact with the canvas fiber, than the canvas is stretched across the wooden frame. Always use paint according to the texture of the canvas. Also the size of the brushes depends on the type of the paint you are using. For water color or ink short handled brushes and for oil or acrylic long handled brushes must be preferred. The cotton canvas can easily catch dust, dirt and wrinkles. The wrinkles can only be removed with warm iron or hot water. Try to keep the fabric straight.

The new generation has bright future in canvas art. There are various schools and colleges from where one can get professional degrees. Painters earn lots and lots of money through exhibitions. One can buy great paintings from these exhibitions. Also there are so many art galleries from where you can choose famous paintings to decorate the walls of your house. Nowadays in the age of the internet you can also buy paintings through various web sites. I hope that by going through this article you have gained sufficient knowledge about canvas painting.

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