Contemporary Art

As we all know that god has gifted the human being with the power of speech. It is only the reason that man has become the super power. A man can express his feelings through words. But there is one more power through which a man can express their feelings i.e. through various types of art.

Have you ever heard of the contemporary art? It is an art which begins in 1970’s and now is very popular. You must be getting excited to know more about this art. Just hold on I am going to give the sufficient knowledge about this art. It is an art of imagination. Now you are thinking what type of imagination? From imagination I mean to say that contemporary art is the art in which an artist depicts his or her feelings and emotions with the help of different colors. For most of the times the contemporary art is often considered as meaningless art and not a part of the art but now it is the most important part of art.

There are so many popular artists of the contemporary art throughout the world like Irena Aizen, Brian Pimlott, Shernavaz Colah, Arina Gordienko, Judith Wood and many more. Artists always try to create something new. Today artist are taking benefits of the new technology i.e. computer, Xerox copies machine and fax machine.

Contemporary art criticize the present topics or issues of the society and religion. It also comments on the modern politics. We should not get confused between modern art and the contemporary art. They both are different from one another. The contemporary art is the art of the past and is still in dates but modern art is the art of the early 20’s.

The contemporary art is flexible and it’s not rigid in nature. It always accepts the changes of the present age. It deals in the current topics and also is the art of ones feelings and emotions in different colors and shapes. It never depicts any figure or any natural objects. The onlookers get attracted by this art. The audience pioneered to think about the subject and the main aim of the artist.

The following topics are covered in the contemporary art:
1. Global warming
2. Racism
3. Politics
4. Biotechnology
5. Religion
6. Terrorism
7. and many more

Experience makes a man perfect. No one in this world is an artist by birth. Even all the famous artists also have done lots and lots of practice with brush and colors on the canvasses.

You can also bring out an artist within you. Just develop a hobby of painting and be an addict of it. Just know the meaning of the art. An artist within you is waiting to explore on the canvas. There are no age bounds for an artist. One can start painting at any age. It requires no qualification but, it requires skills. You can also make unique paintings.

The art is the form of the communication. An art of any type can bring out happiness and energy in ones life. You may have decorated your house and office with sceneries and paintings. But now try to decorate it with contemporary art and see the results .Everybody will praise the sense of your interior decoration and will definitely ask about the place from where you bought it.